Our Community

Located just north of Cochise College and the University of Arizona in the Huachuca Mountains, Sierra Vista is a beautiful place to live! Our school is only part of this supportive community; we encourage you to explore some of the wonderful things our area has to offer.

Local Attractions and Family Activities

Roam through ghost towns and ancient settlements where mammoth thundered, Buffalo Soldiers rode, and outlaws hid; hike along the San Pedro River and up into the Huachuca Mountains; or make your way downtown to fabulous international eateries all within a few miles of Sierra Vista. You’ll never be bored again!

Ghost Towns
Let your imagination run wild in the ghost towns of Fairbank, Millville, Pearce, and Gleeson. These once-thriving communities boomed during our silver mining heyday. You can still see some of the equipment peeking out of the ground. Remember: take pictures, but don’t remove any artifacts or other interesting objects you find.

Henry Hauser Museum
Open every day but Sundays and holidays, the Henry Hauser Museum catalogs and collects memorabilia and artifacts associated with Sierra Vista. There’s even an interactive area for kids!

Kid W.O.R.L.D. Summer Program
Open to school-aged children in grades 1–7, Kids W.O.R.L.D. offers child care and fun activities weekdays from 6:40 a.m to 5:30 p.m. throughout the summer. The cost is $95 per child per week and includes all snacks, activities, and field trips.

Miller Peak
Hike 10 miles up Miller Peak for extraordinary views of Arizona and New Mexico, or enjoy the views a little closer to home at Montezuma Pass.

Ramsey Canyon Preserve
This 280-acre nature conservatory provides a haven for 170 varieties of birds and a plethora of other wildlife. Open all year, with extended hours from March through October, Ramsey Canyon is a great place to share with visiting family and friends.

Southwest Wings
Each year, the Southwest Wings organization hosts birding festivals in the spring and summer. These events bring birds and bird-watchers together during their migration season to offer both education and field experience. They also offer free programs throughout the year about native species, bats, butterflies, insects, and other migratory winged creatures.

The Cove Aquatics Center
Indoor swimming pool and aquatic park, The Cove offers swim lessons, family fun, and fitness opportunities all year long.