Berean Eagle mascotParticipation in athletics widens the educational experience and makes school more enjoyable. As an Eagle, in addition to strengthening physical skills, scholars learn valuable life skills that include how to work as a team, ideals of fairness and sportsmanship, self-discipline and responsibility, and respect for authority and teammates.

We welcome all to come out and share in the excitement of our athletic events. Whether you are a teammate, a parent, or a community member cheering our athletes on from the sidelines, your support matters. Go, Eagles!


BSCA is the Berean Council of Student Athletes. We are Berean scholars and home-schooled Berean athletes who support athletic opportunities at Berean by

  • raising funds for equipment and uniform purchase;
  • planning upcoming events;
  • helping build student profiles and resumes for college admissions;
  • promoting teamwork and good sports ethics; and
  • advocating for athletes who need classroom assistance.

We expect all BSCA members to be motivated, maintain a 70% GPA in the classroom, take personal responsibility for their actions, and maintain good behavioral standing with all teacher-mentors.

Eagle Sports Teams

Scholars in 9–12 grades may join our sports teams. We offer the following seasonal activities:

Fall Sports

  • JH Cross Country
  • HS Cross Country
  • Volleyball

Winter Sports

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • JH Basketball

Spring Sports

  • Soccer
  • Softball