Select Honor Guard Soldiers Train Local Area Students

What began as a field trip for 13 Berean Academy students to learn from select Honor Guard soldiers turned into an Army experience many won’t soon forget.

On Thursday, May 18 cadets from the academy’s Military Common Core (MCC) program spent the day experiencing the ins and outs of the official Honor Guard duties and what it might be like to be an enlisted soldier in the Army.

“We understand the struggles the Army has had with recruitment and retention,” said Capt. Connor Gaumond, commander, United States Army Garrison, Headquarters, and Headquarters Company. “Hosting trainings like this can show younger people what they can expect prior to joining the military.”

The cadets learned about the field trip two weeks ago when their program advisor, Retired Capt. Ralph Garren, told them they were going to learn from soldiers at Fort Huachuca.

Garren said word of the field trip quickly spread and a few more students decided to join the group so they could attend the trip, learn from the soldiers, and be a part of the MCC program.

“I joined the program one week ago,” said ninth-grade student Silvestre Garcia. “I was excited to come to the fort, and the program is fun. I really like it a lot.”

When the cadets first arrived, it was a mix of excitement and nerves. Garren said they were looking forward to learning how to do drill and ceremony from the active-duty soldiers.

Those nerves quickly went away as the cadets dove headfirst into the instruction they received and were picking up on the new skills being thrown their way.

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